Villa Borghese and Galleria Borghese

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Villa Borghese Rome


Villa Borghese Park is at the center of the capital of the most loved and frequented by the Romans.

It counts an area of ​​about 80 hectares of paths, monuments and exciting glimpses, indispensable overlooking the sunset on terrace of the Pincio, where you can restore discovering buildings and places full of stimuli for the senses.

The construction of Villa Borghese started in 1606 by the will of Cardinal Scipione Borghese, one of the leaders of cultural life in Rome at the beginning of the seventeenth century, and nephew of Pope Paul V Borghese. The Cardinal's desire was to build a villa that respected the great prestige of the family, also it fueled a desire in later centuries by Borghese heirs, enriching the space of buildings and places of leisure and relaxation that you can still enjoy today.

What to see in Villa Borghese

The Casino Nobile designed as a museum for the family collection, and currently houses the Borghese Gallery It is the most famous building, next to the area of ​​"Secret Gardens" with 'Aviary it is to Meridiana created in the seventeenth century, They give an idea of ​​what i meant by prestigious Borghese.


Fascinating atmosphere of the park is easy to be seduced by the dimension of equilibrium that the dislocation of the numerous works contained transmits. We can meet Temple of Diana, The Lake Garden with the Temple of Aesculapius where you can rent a boat and to experience the magic. Get together all 'Arancera, a long winter storage of potted citrus trees, from 2006 became the seat of the Museo Carlo Bilotti, where you can find works by, among others, Giorgio de Chirico, Giacomo Manzu e Andy Warhol, and regularly hosts exhibitions.

Meet the monuments dedicated to Goethe e Byron, with the counterpoint of the numerous monumental fountains framed by the presence of a rich variety of plant species from around the world, perfectly it prepares to welcome the several cultural and leisure to from Villa Borghese:


  • The Bioparco with thousands of visits each year
  • The theater Silvano Toti Globe Theatre, It built with the same appearance of the legendary Globe Theater Elizabethan , Every summer we can attend works William Shakespeare
  • The Casa del Cinema which contains 4 salt indoor and one outdoor theater, venue for events and festivals that trace the history of cinema
  • The Galoppatoio of Piazza di Siena In the month of May is home to the traditional equestrian event.

In such a rich and seductive dish of the Villa Borghese park deserves attention the most noble ingredient represented by

Borghese Gallery


Borghese Gallery

Recognized as one of the most prestigious museums in the world, Borghese Gallery It hosts one of the most important works of sculpture and painting in art history.

The works represent a large part of the collection belonged to cardinal Scipione Borghese, able to collect fishing from ancient, from the Renaissance to the contemporary period.

Apollo and Daphne of Bernini, The Venus Victorian better known as Paolina Borghese of Canova, the David with the Head of Goliath of Caravaggio, the Young Woman with Unicorn of Raffaello, and then Botticelli, the Domenichino, Titian, Correggio, Antonello da Messina, plus bas-reliefs and ancient mosaics, help people understand the enormous artistic heritage and the extraordinary importance of the gallery plays.

The twenty frescoed rooms, arranged on two floors, with porch and entrance make up the museum space open to the public. An interesting aspect is that the architecture so conceived allows a smooth visit, so comfortably comply with the two hours granted at every turn. One more opportunity is given by the gallery bearing deposits 260 paintings and that you can only see by appointment, in addition to always exhibit the highest level regularly promoted.


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