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An event today, an appointment for tomorrow

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Seward Johnson e Bric-À-BracThe Jumble Of Growth – anotherselect : in Rome two different faces of art and sculpture

Romegarden hotel Seward Johnson mostra

Hyper-realistic sculptures in the park of Villa Borghese: Seward Johnson a Casina Valadier

Few views of Rome can rival the Belvedere del Pincio, the magnificent terrace overlooking Piazza del Popolo, in the heart of the Villa Borghese park. but yet, despite the stunning views, something might catch the eye of tourists and visitors away from the scene. Perhaps an elderly woman wrapped in woolen winter coat, walking under the August sun; or maybe vintage clothes and laced a young woman, close by her partner in an endless embrace; even stranger might be a New York policeman in uniform ordinance in the historic center of Rome.

If it should happen to you do not fear: it is not a mirage or a heat stroke. After a few moments of bewilderment and a closer look you will understand that you are in the presence of bronze statues.

Wanting to paraphrase and invert an expression now famous, it can be said that in this case "the everyday becomes extraordinary". Celebrating the Familiar is in fact the name of the series of sculptures designed by Seward Johnson, on display in the garden Casina Valadier. The artist had already made headlines in Rome 2009, when his colossal work "The Awakening", depicting a giant emerging from the ground, It was installed under the obelisk dell'Eur.

Seward back to the capital with an assortment of hyperrealistic works, depicting subjects from ordinary life, men and women caught in the middle of daily actions.

Among the tables and benches of Valdier Casina sprout then businessmen in double-breasted, children playing, couple hugging and women who relax with a book: but plastic properties, ordinary but confusing. The realism is likely to deceive the distracted eyes of those who were not aware of the initiative. The installation will remain on display throughout the summer, until the 1 September and well worth a visit.

The experience is quite alienating: not only because of the likelihood of the statues, but rather for theand sensitive temporal inconsistencies betrayed by details such as hairstyles, clothes, bodily attitudes. As an imperfect time machine, quest'istallazione you into a petrified garden where time has stood still for a few decades. An island populated by bronze dolls, mimi inanimate; a property of the vintage theater that will challenge your ideas about what you consider to be real, illusion and modern.

If you had finally need an extra incentive to visit the exhibition, think of the aperitifs that can be consumed in a exceptional location, in front of a landscape that few other places can offer in Rome and around the world.

Bric-À-Brac – The Jumble Of Growth – anotherselect : visions of a globalized world

Romegarden hotel Seward Johnson mostra BRIC a BRAC

will soon begin, and ends in late autumn, another event dedicated to sculptures and installations: BRIC-a-brac | the Jumble of Growth | Another option. Just on the other side of the Villa Borghese Park, compared to Seward sculptures, from 16 July to 14 October, the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art will host this exhibition, whose central theme is the uncontrolled growth and uneven from emerging economies.

40 works by 26 International artists who creatively interpret and portray the social consequences of trade conflicts and overlaps geopolitiche. The international focus of the initiative is apparent both in the name chosen for the exhibition (tripartite and multilingual) both in the decision to entrust the supervision of two curators from culturally diverse countries: Huang You (China) and Gerardo Mosquera (Cuba).

The works have been chosen for their anti-conventionality, for the great expressive power, for experimenting with new languages ​​and unusual materials. An exhibition to be discovered, to take on a new perspective on the port-industrial society; to observe the changes taking place in the world through the aesthetic vision of a wide range of artists. Looks from places globalized reality and development models unsustainable are leaving an indelible mark on the forms of human life.

The artists:

Wim Delvoye (Belgium); Cinthia Marcelle (Brazil); Wang Goufeng, Wang Guangyi, Ni Haifeng, Wang Lijun, Tian Longyu, Lei Lu, Weng Fen, Gao Weigang, Yang Xinguang, Lu Zhengyuan, Du Zhenjun (China); Chang Young-hae, Heavy Industries (Sud Korea); Wilfredo Prieto (Cuba); Shilpa Gupta (India); Jamal Penjweny (Kurdistan, Iraq); Damián Ortega (Mexico); Mounir Fatmi (Morocco); Donna Conlon, Jonathan Harker (Panama); AES+F (Russia); Cristina Lucas, Fernando Sánchez Castillo (Spain); Kendell Geers (Sud Africa); Thomas Hirschhorn (Switzerland).