Roma Web Fest and the Magic Wood, Webseries and shamanic sculptures: the autumn Roman has all the colors of the contemporary

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Roma Web Fest

There are occasions, of Rome, where you can not limit ourselves to be witnesses to a great event but you have to be active participants: The Rome Garden Hotel is therefore pleased to present, as an official partner, the Roma Web Festival 2018. In an era when the artistic and cinematic world is revolutionized by the advent of the web and social, Rome inaugurates a major festival dedicated to webseries and webnativi products. An experiment so far tried only in two other cities, Los Angeles and Marseille, and that aims to create an international network with other Web Fest, enabling independent Italian creative be appreciated Abroad.

Rome is always ready to accept new cultural avant-gardes, offering an exceptional showcase the latest trends and forms of expression digital video. The Rome Garden has chosen to live this leading event. A choice that can be shared, with the ability to participate in three different contest dedicated to filmmakers and vlogger.

Fashion Film, Web Series, Webnativi: spotlight digital universe

Now in its sixth edition, the Roma Web Festival It will be held from 28 al 30 November 2018, at the House of Cinema, in Villa Borghese. The RWF sheds new light on the gray area between the traditional cinematography and the new digital audiovisual forms of expression, they found the web the natural habitat where grow and develop. The festival is more than a traditional festival: It aims to be a permanent showcase for young directors and independent producers. A place to propose projects, share ideas, selling format. An opportunity to emerge from the universe (often chaotic) online proposals, providing a connecting walkway to the film market. Think of the web on the highway, for young creative minds; to exit the web niche and meet institutions and big brands.

I 3 announcements: Video Webnativi, Fashion Film e Movieland 2018

The heart of the event: a contest destined to Italian and foreign young filmmakers and allow them to meet the world of the big television productions. The entries for the various categories - Web Series, Point Zero, Short films and videos in virtual reality or augmented - they are open until 30 September. The competition provides an audience award and the opportunity, for the most important awards winners, to participate in foreign Web Fest twinned with Roma Web Fest.

A notice of him is dedicated to audiovisual products that have as their object the fashion and the issues related to it. Participation is free and provides for the automatic affiliation ANCEF, the National Association of Creative and Filmmaker. Finally, a dedicated category includes audiovisual proposals which disclose with efficiency and creativity features and the beauty of Lazio. This decision establishes a link between new channels of expression and local tradition. Win a prize of 3.000,00 Euros and excellent visibility for the best 10 video, which they will be screened during the three days of the festival.

shamanic Trees: Paul Martellotti tinged autumn new colors

Love the taste of contemporary visionary? Think that artistic innovation must always "put down roots" in the land? Then, waiting for the RWF, the Rome Garden A visit to Hoot owls, At Villa Torlonia. At only takes a few steps of the hotel guests to reach this beautiful park and admire the enigmatic works of Paul Martellotti: 30 sculptures and 25 paintings, which will remain on display until 30 September. An exhibition by the mystic flavor, which it includes plastically in an esoteric references its rich natural location. A Forest magic of surreal and suggestive totems, which make up a tribal garden capable of targeting and inspire. A cultural appetizer waiting for the Festival, to be consumed in the garden, a few steps from your hotel in downtown Rome.