The Shopping streets in Rome

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Via dei Condotti, between the shopping streets in Rome


The only city in the world for its endless architectural beauty, from ancient to modern, also it represents a point of reference for fashion and trends, that makes Rome one of the cult city for shopping.

Let yourself be accompanied by the pleasant and exclusive atmosphere of the shopping streets in Rome, that, like the words of the great actor Alberto Sordi: "... it is not a city like any other. It 'a great museum, a lounge to cross on tiptoe ".

Following a scenic route to orient themselves and find out where do Shopping a Roma.

Via del Corso

Perhaps the most popular shopping street in Rome, the central street in the so-called Trident retraces the same stretch of the ancient Via Flaminia. In the historical center, Via del Corso connects directly Venice plaza e Piazza del Popolo. More than a kilometer and a half of activities for all budgets, dai negozi low cost big names. In the middle is the way Galleria Alberto Sordi, already Colonna Gallery, in which there are other shops and eateries, and also regularly hosts exhibitions. A very particular path between palaces and churches offers numerous possibilities for your shopping in Rome.

Piazza di Spagna, Via Condotti, Via Frattina

Behind Via del Corso, Via Condotti and Via Frattina are two of the crosses that lead to Piazza di Spagna, I'm shopping streets known for the presence of luxurious boutique, where you can find many prestigious brands such as Dior, Prada's Versace. There are also several high-level jewelers that attract tourists and VIPs from all over the world.

La Rinascente Via del Tritone

Going by the Galleria Alberto Sordi, we find the Mall de The Rinascente. Opened in 2017, It is a store of modern design by impressive numbers; 14.000 square meters in size, an offer of 800 brand, an occupied sector from its Food Hall with two stunning rooftop terraces, and with a single element: a real archaeological site with the remains of the Virgo inaugurated by 'Emperor Augustus in 19 a.c.

Piazza Navona

The same atmosphere can be found in the area around Piazza Navona whose most emblematic streets are; on one side of the square Via del Governo Vecchio offering historic shops where to find clothing years sixties and seventies together with great flea offer. The interesting thing is that it is not yet well known by tourists, you can explore in peace, finding rarities stimulants like a small bookshop specializing in film, where to find scripts and posters of film history.

On the other side Via dei Coronari that most proposals collects antiques. There are shops and galleries presenting ancient furniture and objects, all’art decò, oriental art. Historical tailoring shops and artisan products made in Italy complete the scene for an increasingly original shopping.

Via del Boschetto

Close to Colosseo and the archaeological area of Imperial Forums. Located within the district Monti, the ancient Suburra (passes the Urbe), whose basements come to the Colosseum, It offers many shops vintage boutique and unique pieces that are based on fashions of the past. In the lanes next intriguing alternative activities, we can find locksmiths, carpenters, doratori and several art galleries. To note one of vintage markets best known in Rome that takes place every Sunday.

Campo de 'Fiori

In the area of ​​Campo de 'Fiori there are two ways that maintain the traditional identity of the Roma of the past, where the old workshops have been replaced by new stores that manage to maintain the same popular style.

Via del Pellegrino e Via dei Giubbonari are the most representative examples. They show how a real "store" where you can buy craft artifacts, antiques, textiles, small furniture, as well as clothes and shoes created by the Roman craftsmen. There are also high-fashion shops with very competitive prices, especially during the sales.


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