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The Coliseum and the gala summer Rome - Rome Garden Hotel

The Colosseum, the blood and the moon: the gala summer of symbol of Rome monument

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coliseum opening night
Roma 21 August 2010 Night of the Colosseum opening with guided tours – coliseum opening night – photographer: System Of A Down – guaitoli – Lannutti


Few buildings in the world have been able to win so strongly the imagination of men, becoming symbols of an entire city, of an ancient culture, of a nation, such as the Colosseum. Born as the Flavian Amphitheater, the largest in the world, this titanic structure has been inserted by UNESCO in the category of New Seven Wonders of the World. but yet, its charm far transcends any size and any comparison. Ask Italy to a man in any corner of the planet and, probably, the image of the arches of the Colosseum will be the first impression evoked by his thoughts.

In the plaster Thumbnail, in snow globes, on coins and finally on local chains and restaurants tricolor, everywhere, the Coliseum, and will always, the most powerful symbol of Italy. And to celebrate worthily this gift, inherited from Imperial Rome, many interesting initiatives have been organized by the city and the archaeological superintendence of the capital, to showcase the beauty and importance. The Rome Garden Hotel wants to join his praise to the entire city, signaling its guests occasions this summer and next autumn, to admire and experience at its best this monument. They open the gates of the Colosseum, the crown of Rome.


The moon over the Colosseum

In all seasons, the evening is the time when the Colosseum wearing a gala dress, and it shows in all its splendor vetusto. And although from the outside admire the Amphitheater, dressed in golden light in the night, is itself a stunning view, with the arrival of summer a new possibility it offers to visitors. From 14 May to 31 October, you can tour the facility in the evening, accessing underground, arena and the first row of arches. A suggestive guided tour lasting over an hour, to learn all of the symbol of Rome monument, discovering every corner, immersed in the enchanting night lighting. The visits are scheduled on Monday, on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Sundays; the first input is at 20.00. An experience recommended to foreigners as the Romans most truthful.


Blood and Sand - the show

But if the naked beauty of the marble illuminated gold was not enough, the summer 2018 Serbia has a stronger capacity: the show immersive Blood and Arena. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, from 12 May to 27 October, the arena is animated by reconstructing the celebrations that accompanied the inauguration of the Amphitheater 80 A.D.. Lights and music envelop the entire monument, while images, flow projections, and holograms on a special cloth along 17 meters. Under the eyes of the spectators, back to life gladiator games, naval battles and compelling narrative of the events of an extraordinary place. Archeology, history, technology and entertainment, united and mixed in thirty minutes of exciting cultural entertainment. They are three replicates per night offers, starting from 21.30, in Italian and English (the vision of the show is not recommended for children under six years).


the Goethe walk


The Colosseum from dawn to dusk: grandiosity to sunlight

For daytime spirits, who prefer to enjoy the beautiful architecture of Rome by day, reserving the night for other adventures, no shortage intriguing alternatives.

A first important novelty this year is the opportunity to purchase a ticket for a journey S.U.P.E.R. (Seven Unique Places to Experience in Rome). A unique advantage card, lasting two days, which includes an entrance to the Colosseum, two entrances to the Palatine hole, and access to seven fascinating archaeological sites:

  • Criptoportico Neroniano
  • Palatine Museum
  • class Isiaca – Loggia Mattei
  • House of Augustus
  • House of Livia
  • Temple of Romulus
  • Santa Maria Antiqua

A route enriched by the use of virtual and multimedia technologies for immersive and engaging exploration of the key places of the Imperial Rome. A rare opportunity at a very advantageous cost. For more information on reservations and availability, it is useful to consult the website www.coopculture.it

Rounding out the range of summer offers, from 20 July to 31 August, the Colosseum Archaeological Park opens a month of nightly visits: Sunset on the Palatine - The walk of Goethe. An archaeological dimension that offers a different perspective: a focus on the romantic perception of the extraordinary archaeological heritage of Italy. The tour retraces the footsteps of many European intellectuals traveling in Italy in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, among which, just, Johann Goethe. In their eyes it offered an extraordinary cultural richness, organically wrapped in a generous and fertile natural setting. A proposal addressed to spiritualists, beauty lovers and visitors willing to discover the enchanting landscape of ancient Rome.