The Trevi Fountain

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Trevi Fountain Rome


The world is the only point of comparison which explains, whenever, dell'esorbitante the extraordinary amount of artistic treasures in Rome. Confirmation is its The Trevi Fountain, probably the most famous fountain in the world and definitely deserves to be included in tour a visit to Rome. Its presence is felt already through small roads around. A presence made of splashing water continues in the tanks and the shouting of a thousand dialects and a thousand languages ​​in the world. Seeing her entering a seductive dimension, like to see a show in an impressive theater.


The Trevi Fountain

Inaugurated by Agrippa, son of Augustus, in 19 a.C. to fuel its thermal baths, It was one of the smaller of the fountains'Virgin Aqueduct, whose name apparently derives from the legend of a young man who pointed to the water sources of the soldiers asked where to drink. It was originally formed by three collection basins side by side and leaning to a building, and he remained so until 1453 When Nicholas V he commissioned Leon Battista Alberti to proceed with a restoration. They were the three mouths of water and was made one big tub.

In this period it appears to climb the orige name; the fountain began to call "Trejo", as situated in an area called "Of the Trejo", ie where occurred the intersection of three streets, hence the pitch at the end Trevi it was short. urban VIII, in the seventeenth century, He decided to intervene with the idea of ​​creating a monumental work, and he commissioned Bernini. The project saw only the beginning, the Pope and Bernini died and left only a large washer with a large basin in front. It was then Clemente XII, in the eighteenth century, who invited the best artists of the time to present the project for the construction of a monumental fountain.

He was chosen the Roman architect Nicola Salvi, clearly inspired by Bernini, who will be joined in the work by his friend Luigi Vanvitelli. Died prematurely, the work was completed by Giovanni Pannini e, after the work continued under Pope Bendetto XIV, It was inaugurated on 22 May 1762 gives Clemente XIII. The The Trevi Fountain We shall assume the majestic form we know today.


The fountain

High 26 meters wide 20 meters is presented to the visitor with all its sumptuous grandeur. The facade is the perfect setting for the show of the marine theme that juts.

At the top are the famous four great symbolic statues of the Trevi Fountain, Left l 'Abundance the fruits of Agostino Corsini, the Fertility of the fields of Bernardo Ludovisi, i the gifts of Francesco Queirolo and l 'amenities meadows of Bartholomew Pincellotti.

Al always at the top center is the inscription that recalls the construction desired by Clemente XII, under the Corinthian columns delimit two lateral niches where they are placed on the left a statue of l 'Abundance and on the right another statue of the healthiness, both of Filippo della Valle, surmounted by two bas-reliefs depicting the legend of Agrippa who approved the project, of Bergodi, and the Roman virgin indicating sources of water to soldiers, of Grossi.


At the center in the center of the fountain by the sculptural group Piero Bracci: a huge statue of Ocean on a shell pulled by two sea horses, one stirred the other to represent the calmer sea souls, driven by two tritons, one young and one mature, symbolizing the different ages of man. Under the big cliff that plunges into the sea represented by large tub.


We are confident that the visit will give suggestive moments and a real surprise. Maybe the same ones who struck Federico Fellini when he decided to turn one of the most famous scenes in cinema history in movie The sweet life, where in a Trevi Fountain at night magica Anita Ekberg he immersed himself in walking "great" wish.

Would you like that can be evoked in the gesture inextricably linked to the fountain charm, throwing back a coin into vital and regenerative of Roma.


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