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Hotel Rome Garden opens a new dimension hostelry, guiding guests to discover Rome. The city has much to offer, besides its famous monuments: a cultural movement that beats indomitable, like a hidden heart, between the streets of downtown, in the exhibition halls, on theater stages and in cultural circles. From the specialties of gourmet restaurants in the Trastevere aperitif cocktails, from concert halls to the nightclubs dancefloor. Rome Garden takes you by the hand and drags you out of the tourist guides, to discover the most authentic life Capitoline. We choose and we review for you the opportunities and the most important and intriguing events in the capital: culture, art, music, night life and good food. Live Rome together in Rome Garden: fantastic events and where to find them!

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Last judgment – Michelangelo and the secrets of Sistine Chapel

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At the 'Auditorium della Conciliazione up to 6 January 2019. The show created by Marco Balich, the creator of the 'Tree of Life at' Expo in Milan and artistic director of numerous Olympic ceremonies (from Turin 2006 a Rio 2016), … Read More

medieval Trastevere: case, towers and mansions

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  A pleasant walk in the heart of the city, the discovery of houses, workshops, towers and mansions of the Middle Ages, that continue to exist in the face of picturesque and least known of Trastevere. Starting from the medieval complex in the Anguillara … Read More

Bepi D'Amato Quartet presents Tribute to Artie Shaw Cotton Club

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  A sincere tribute to one of the greatest musicians in the history of classic jazz. Saturday 20 October at the Cotton Club will stage the quartet led by Bepi D'Amato, musician among the most popular in the peninsula, What will be … Read More

Trade shows in Autumn: Pollock and the New York School, Andy Warhol, Pixar

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Rome Garden Hotel, always attentive to the events of Rome, It suggests a visit to the Exhibition Complex of the Vittoriano which has two cultural events, thicker at this time: exhibitions Pollock and the New York school … Read More

Eataly gives way to 'Officine Italy': Made in Italy remains at the 'center'

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After a collaboration with Oscar Farinetti - owner of Eataly - term 3 years, the Ethos Group has decided to embark on a project that smells of newness in Rome, traveling in total autonomy, but continuing to put the … Read More

Happy Model: shows modeling market

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  Saturday 13 October 2018 from 9,15 all 16,00 It will be held in Rome the event periodic modeling with adjoining exhibition market "HAPPY MODEL" . in 1000 square meters of the premises of the "Centro Sportivo San Gabriel Gimnasyum – HOTEL VILLA EUR” … Read More